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About eGuide+

"Quality career guidance for disadvantaged and migrant job seekers"

eGuide+ is a Transfer of Innovation project (ToI), focused on providing structured career guidance for disadvantaged and migrant job seekers. The proposed project draws on innovative results of an earlier project, eGUIDE (2005-2007), which developed a quality assurance framework for career guidance for disadvantaged job seekers and a set of related assessments tools. eGuide+ project therefore has the objective of:
1. Introducing innovative eGUIDE results to career guidance systems in Cyprus, Greece and Slovenia.
2.Mainstreaming the use of framework and tools.
3. Making resources available across Europe.


  • INEK - Cyprus
  • Ballymun Job Centre - Ireland
  • Kadis - Slovenia
  • CORE – Greece
  • Web Relations - Greece
  • Ε.Ο.P.P.Ε.P. - Greece